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What is the Paleo Diet?                                                                                                               

Paleo is short for the paleolithic era which can be translated into the words “old stone age/time period.” The Paleolithic era spans from when humans first started using stone tools roughly 2.6 million years ago and ended when humans began agriculture, roughly 10,000 years ago (Neolithic period).

Obviously, diet is a particular way of eating based on some under ridding theme or philosophy.

So, if you put them together, it is exactly what it sounds like eating in a similar manner to what our ancestors would have eaten tens of thousands of years ago, meaning a hunter-gatherer (HG) way of life, eating foods from the earth:  veggies, fruit, meat, nuts and seeds… no/very limited cereal grains, dairy and no processed/packaged foods.

Why would you want to eat in this manner?

The anthropological data on hunter-gatherer tribes that have been or are in existence, shows that these people are an amazing reference standard for human health, having hardly any or no signs of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, acne, eczema, strokes, Alzheimer’s, neurodegeneration,  and few to no cavities.  In addition, hunter-gatherers were/are very strong, lean and healthy despite their lack of modern medicine.  Research also shows that whenever HG tribes living in a “paleo” manner began eating a western (processed foods) diet, their rates of all of the above “diseases of civilization” skyrocketed!

So, no Bread? And what about Cheese, I love cheese?!

Sorry, No.  However, this diet is not about deprivation, it is best followed through addition.  We teach that it is much easier to follow and stick to a new diet if we first focus on adding the nutrient dense foods; veggies, fruit, meat, nuts and seeds, rather than taking away the foods people are addicted to and love (grains, sugar and dairy). Going without these foods can be shocking and stressful, but completely worth it, especially if done slowly and painlessly.  Remember our ancestors lived for millions of years just fine without them; in fact, they were quite healthier because of it.

Does Paleo taste good?

Yes, have you ever had a steak salad or veggies and BBQ’d salmon, how about an almond flour scone?  These are all examples of paleo foods, obviously they aren’t from the paleo time period, but they bear a close resemblance and have a huge nutrient density profile when compared to pasta, bread or beans.  There are literally dozens of blogs with amazing paleo recipes and more than a few awesome cookbooks out there.

Grandma was right!

You are what you eat, and your body is made out of what you eat, so building it with the best quality foods and has a profound effect on the way you look and feel.  Plus, it is very satiating and tastes great while curbing cravings and improving your energy.

For more information please attend the workshop this Wednesday August 8th @ 630pm here at SB Family Chiropractic and Innate Fitness.  Email jen@sb-fc.com to reserve your spot.