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Paleo AKA Cavewoman Diet:  It was tougher back then…at least to get food.

We have an upcoming Paleo Diet workshop next Wednesday the 8th here at SBFC @ 630 and we are fired up!  Really because we get to share our way of life and the science that goes into living and eating in a way that is VERY congruent with YOUR genes and YOUR jeans.  This diet closely follows our heritage as humans and we will be helping you understand why the foods you may be eating are keeping you from your GOALS.  Get ready for your ancestors (older than grandma) to help you to the health and fitness you’ve been searching for.  This diet is NOT about deprivation and will power, it is about understanding and listening to your body as well as making a few smarter choices, and the pay off is HUGE!!  This is a way of life because who wants to only see their abs or fit into their jeans for a month, how about the rest of your life!!  So next Wednesday we’ll help you understand how this will be different than other diets as well as make it easier to follow.  Hope to see you there (its free, but please email Jen@sb-fc.com to reserve a spot)…. Below are a few tips to get you thinking and help you ease into the process.

  1. ADD don’t Take Away
    • People often associate change with terrible loss, and that doesn’t have to be the case.  1st thing 1st let’s focus on being Sufficient in getting enough  Pure foods and not focus on what bad stuff is in your diet.  You can’t get to a positive by running from a negative, must go toward posive!  (won’t ever be rich by trying not to be poor)
  1. Fresh Fiber First
    • Eat a Fruit or a Veggie before every meal, this ensures that you will get the nutrients your innate genetics need to produce health and homeostasis in your body!  Plus it will take some of the room in your stomach, so hopefully you won’t be able to fit as much of the bad stuff in ;-p.
  1. Always Shop Full
    • The battle is won or lost at the point of purchase.
    • It is much easier to make logical decisions about what to purchase at the grocery store when we are stuffed.  (not the best, but this is so important that you should be full even if you have to stuff yourself with less healthful food in order to get full before shopping.  One bad meal sacrifice is better than repeat bad meals because you were in a crazed low blood-sugar state when shopping).  We all know that if it makes its way into the basket, it is getting eaten.
  1. Stay on the Periphery of the Store
    • That is where the live and healthy foods reside.
  1. Real Food Goes Bad, if it doesn’t go Bad, it isn’t good for you
    • The more nutrients and health in a food, the more organisms want it.  If bacteria doesn’t want your food, chances are, it isn’t food, and you should toss it.
    • Store food has been created to be stored, not to give you health, so try and avoid foods with labels or packaging.

      These foods will go bad, and that is good!

  1. Understand the Ingredients
    • Real food has real natural ingredients like blueberries and almonds.  Fake food has natural flavorings to trick us and chemicals to preserve them like monosodiumdiaoxylglutamicfuranicmethylwhattheheck??? And natural flavorings (what the heck is natural flavorings??)
  1. Keep the Ingredients List to 5 or Less
    • The more ingredients, the more man/woman has messed with the food, and therefore, the less likely it is a real food.

      Ingredients: Apple

  1. If it has a Health Claim, it Probably is NOT Healthy
    • Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food explains that the loudest foods in the store (cereal boxes, dairy and juices) are often the most toxic, and the quietest foods in the store (fruits and veggies) are often the healthiest.

9.  Evaluate Food on how you will feel AFTER you eat it, not before

  • It is absurd when you think about the 23 hours 57 minutes of pain, suffering and guilt you get when eating a donut/bigmac/pizza…etc for the 3 min of joy you get while eating it.
  • Think about what you would want to eat post work out, i.e. would you rather a big mac or a smoothie after jog?

10.  There are NO Failures ONLY Feedback

  • Do not waste time or stress hormones on feeling guilty, look at what you eat in terms of choices with a goal of becoming healthier.  This is not a diet, it is a way of life.

I hope this helps and best of luck to all of you.  Know that we are in your corner; your success is our success.  Please keep us informed of your successes and ask for help if you are struggling &/or need direction.  Remember we are a team, and we are proud and grateful to be your health coaches.

Eat Smart 4 Health,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP