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Is this You?

Have you ever had the thought that you don’t trust your body?  Are you like I once was fearful of bending over because in the back of your mind you know that at any moment without warning you could throw your back out?  Are you sore at the end of your day and stiff when you wake up like I used to be?  IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!  The majority of our problems are created by our unconscious bad habits and poor postures.  So there are 3 simple steps that if you do will restore your trust and confidence in your body so that you can live without fear and do what you want.

3 Steps:

1.  Get any problems cleaned up.  Just as you would if you had a messy house there is a bit of upfront work to do.  In most people’s case this comes down to seeing a chiropractor to get your spine moving and working like it is supposed to.

2.  Stop creating problems.  Just as you would if you wanted to keep your house clean you would stop leaving things around.  For your health this comes down to discovering what habits are causing your problems and learning how to move and use your body properly (attend our Free Ergonomics Workshop this Wednesday June 20th @ 630 @ 360 S Hope Ave Suite C105).

3.  Learn new systems to prevent future problems.  Just as you would create cleaning charts and getting tools to keep the house tidy, so that big messes don’t happen.  This translates into learning strengthening exercises to stabilize your spine and getting regular chiropractic maintenance care to keep those spine “messes” from springing up on you.

If you follow these instructions and attend our free workshop, you will soon think of back pain as I do, a think of the past.

Learn and Maintain 4 Health,

-Dr. Nick Araza