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Are your health changes happening at his speed?

“Do not fear moving slowly, only fear standing still.” –Ancient Chinese Proverb

Health is about building momentum.  It is the small everyday steps/choices we make that combine to make HUGE changes over time, whether good or bad.  It is not about any single choice, it is about ALL of them, they each matter.  Having a piece of cheesecake doesn’t make you unhealthy, sure it triggers massive insulin and stress responses throughout your body, but it doesn’t mean you are now “unhealthy.” Just like eating a salad doesn’t all of a sudden make you “healthy.”  We live on a spectrum that is in constant motion, either you are moving toward health or you are moving toward dis-ease, there is no stagnation, no “maintenance.”   This is a wonderful concept!  It means if you aren’t happy with where you are with your health, you can change, and if you are happy where you are, you can get even better.  No matter where you are on the spectrum, age 6, 26, 66, or 96… or whether you’re an athlete, weekend warrior or couch potato, you can always move toward being healthier.  This is WHY understanding the health supporting paradigm that we are designed/evolved to be healthy is so empowering.  This understanding and belief system offers POWER and CONTROL to you over your health!  And like Churchill said, “with power comes responsibility…”, which is why I’m so proud of you for reading this blog and any other positive health promoting content out there.  Continuing to educate and inspire yourself with this kind of material is your responsibility in order to achieve the control over your health that is desired by all people.

Dr. Clarence Gonstead once said that “HEALTH IS SIMPLE, ITS JUST NOT EASY” and this rings true, even more now than when he said it over 30 years ago because now we have more misinformation, more processed foods, less time and less community support than when he said it.  This means we all need to arm ourselves with the truth and understanding that comes from reading, discussing and experimenting with our health, and at the same time we need to join and create community.  Community is a key ingredient for making healthy practices stick.  Healthy community oriented places are so important because they offer the social support necessary to live a healthy life.  Living healthy means going against the grain, it means getting adjusted when you feel well, it means going for chicken salad when there’s a pizza party at work; going a jog when it’s cold and wet outside; turning off the TV to have some quality family time or calling a friend from school to catch up.  As Jim Rohn said “These things are easy to do, but they are also easy not to do.”  I admit, skipping the gym, grabbing fast food and watching TV are the easiest short term options, but they are not easier than cancer, they are not easier than osteoporosis, arthritis, IBS, diabetes or migraine headaches.

Routinely reading this information and associating with healthy communities keeps us on track, it keeps us motivated and it keeps us focused on doing healthy rather than doing what’s common or easy.  We ALL need community and coaching for our health.  Understanding this has shaped our mission at SBFC: “To educate, adjust and inspire a health transformation in as many families as possible toward optimal health through natural chiropractic, scientific based wellness and community building health care.”   It is the whole reason why we are creating SB Family Chiropractic along with the leaders of Innate Body Boot Camp.  Our companies, along with places like Farmers Markets, Weston A Price Clubs, Lululemon, ParentClick, Yoga Studios, Cross-fits and Paleo Meet Ups…etc are resources to help you achieve your health goals.  We are doctors, trainers, farmers, health enthusiasts, guinea pigs and cheerleaders for your health.  We are here because we know that trying for health on your own in this modern, hectic and sugar filled world is like dancing by yourself.  It can be fun for a while, but you never dance that long without a partner, and you stop altogether when someone is watching.  When it comes to your health, the world is watching, in fact most of the time it’s staring.  Sometimes it even points and laughs and yells “what are you doing, what are you doing.”

Would he stop if the world was watching? How about you?

Ridicule without support, education, coaching and community can stop even the healthiest in their tracks; however, with support, coaching and community even the most heinous ridicule can be faced and sometimes it’s transformed into pride.

Build Momentum 4 Health,

-Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP

Next week join us at Innate Fitness (adjacent to SBFC 360 S Hope C105) as we demonstrate good and healthy ways to move and keep your body moving without hurting youreself….Our Ergonomics Workshop is Back and Better than Ever.  Learn to use your computer, garden, do the dishes, pick things up and sleep in the best possible positions, so that you don’t hurt yourself and are able to continue to make health gains.  See you there at 630 pm on Wed the 20th.  Please email Jen@SB-FC.com to reserve your spot.