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Sleep should be simple, but we just weren’t given a manual for how to do the most trivial things, things that we do every single day of our lives and for hours and hours, yes I’m talking about sleep. We could be talking about a lot of things though, like walking, lifting, sitting, driving, watching tv…etc, so one at a time, I’m going to go over the HOW TO’s of everyday life with a the thought of longevity in mind. Keeping your body in working order for years to come. This one is on sleep so check it out!

To attend a live workshop on how to move and live in your body please call or email the office 805-682-4620, the next lecture/action series will be taught June 20th 2012 at 630pm. Limited space available.

Dr. Nick Araza from Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic teaches the fundamental sleep postures that allow for restful sleep and a healthy body.