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Have you heard about this?  That sitting can be as bad for your health as smoking!  Well studies are coming out more and more that this is true, the first time I heard that experts were relating desk work mortality rates to those who puff away part of their life expectancy was back in 2009 from the NY Times
Katzmarzyk NY Times 2009
“Of particular note is the link between sitting and premature mortality: individuals who sit most of the day have a greater chance of dying early compared with people who sit very little.”

I wasn’t shocked but it was a powerful visual that I was eager to pass on to my family, friends and patients in order to help motivate them to MOVE and move often!  It’s fairly obvious that chairs and computer screens do nothing to increase our health, but to find out that they are on par with big tobacco can be a bit of a shock.  Galen Cranz professor of Architecture at UC Berkeley states that ”

“There are problems associated with both sitting and standing. No posture is perfect. As a species we are designed for movement. The best posture probably is the next posture.”
There you have it, how much is too much? ANY!  Crazy isn’t it!  Not to scare you too much, but to get you to ACT, check this out from an article in The Atlantic…“Its most striking finding was that people who sat more than 11 hours a day had a 40% higher risk of dying in the next three years than people who sat less than four hours a day. This was after adjusting for factors such as age, weight, physical activity and general health status, all of which affect the death risk. It also found a clear dose-response effect: the more people sat, the higher their risk of death.”BACK TO THE NEXT POSTURE!! That means on the go.  Now that doesn’t help you desk workers out there, so for what to do and a bit more motivation, check out this new video post….the first of many!
Move For Health,
-Dr. Nick Araza DC CCWP CFL1