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That’s right, your body knows better what to do with insects for lunch than the food-like Wonder product above (“wonder” being a descriptive for the amount of chemicals in it, and it’s still being sold for human consumption!?  As I said to Dr. Ryan the other day, I’d more trust a farmer to build me a rocket than a scientist to make me a healthy lunch!).

I hear this again and again, “Okay, okay, I get it, bread is bad for me, but I can still have sandwiches, right?”  And the answer is you can do whatever you want, but because I care about you I want you to make informed decisions – so remember that bread is toxic to your cells and to your health.  I will not argue that it is a tasty way to grip your lunch, but that is because bread is essentially sugar which spikes your insulin, moving you toward poor immune function and diabetes.  Most bread also contains gluten, gliadin, and phytic acid which moves you towards osteoporosis and fungal infections, while irritating the crap out of your intestines (literally) – and it sets you up for all sorts of allergies, irritable bowl syndrome, auto-immune disorders (Krohn’s, possible links to MS), etc.

As hopefully you know, I don’t like to just give a bunch of info without some action steps or solutions, so here are some ideas of breadless lunches – some of my favorites that I smash on the regular…enjoy!

Bread Replacers:

  1. Lettuce Wrap – that’s right folks, lettuce actually serves as an excellent and much more nutritious means to grip your turkey/tuna/veggie/ filling.  Everything else stays the same – just grab some romaine or iceburg and wrap away (note – doesn’t work that well for peanut butter and jelly, but we shouldn’t be eating either of those either – another blog topic).
    1. Paleo Tacos are the Araza household favorite. – Grass-fed beef seasoned well. Avocado sliced into strips. Diced Onions, Jalapenos and Tomatoes. Put all of that on a large leaf of Romaine Lettuce and top with your favorite salsa….delicioso!! Maybe best of all 10 min prep time if you are Jen, 15 if you are Nick ;-p.

 2. The bowl of whatever you were going to put between bread
plus some healthy dressing – just take the ingredients of your sandwich, cut into smaller chunks, add some extra veggies (just for the heck of it) and consume – you will find that it is still quite delicious, or you will find that it was just the bread that you enjoyed, and you will need to add a bunch of veggies as well as some dressing (olive oil-based) to spice it up.

No Bread Necessary Options:

1.  The SALAD! – One of my favorites because it can be so different and sooooo delicious, and as I heard at a recent wellness seminar, “You never regret a salad.”  How true – I always feel great after eating a salad.  If taking it to work, put salad in Tupper Ware and then bring dressing in a separate container so it doesn’t get all soggy.  Here are a couple winners:

    1. The (modified) Greek – Kale or Spinach, ½ a cucumber, 1 big tomato, olives, handful raisins, ¼ onion and dressing.  The bigger the better.
    2. Tortilla (I had this today) – Kale, butter lettuce, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, ½ can of black beans, handful of Trader Joes Flax & Veggie tortilla chips (underlined is not paleo, but better than bread as long as corn based and not flour. It is also a great stepping stone toward paleo) crushed and sprinkled on top, ½ avocado cut into chunks, green salsa, 2 tablespoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon fish oil.
    3. Anything I have in the fridge – on bed of kale, chop up any thing and add a very tasty dressing.  Dressings should be olive oil- based, but as long as you are eating tons of veggies I occasionally let the dressing slide – just make sure you understand the ingredients!

2.   Eggs, grass-fed beef and veggies.  Be creative, but if you want specifics, the video you saw included: 1 lb grass-fed beef ground, 6 farm fresh eggs, 1 large zucchini, 1 red pepper, 3 cups spinach, 1.5 avocado.  Cook it slow and add the avocado chunks last.  Prep time 15 min.

3.  Soup or stew:  Cook a HUGE pot of veggies, tomato sauce &/or meat.  Then eat over course of next week.  Left-overs are the best! Just reheat and eat.

4. Veggies and grass-fed beef or chicken sausage (nitrite-free), slow-cooked on skillet for about 10-15 minutes.

That’s all I have for now. I am going to try and post more specific recipes from time to time on here.  But know this, I always use the same basics: veggies, meat, and more veggies, and it’s always delicious – except when it’s super delicious!

Eat 4 Health,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP