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Did you know that if your child did not have a normal (vaginal) delivery and was on or has been on any antibiotics since their birth, they are deficient in healthy gut bacteria (probiotics) that is crucial for healthy immune function, aids in digestion, provides essential vitamins as well as decreases fungi, yeasts and other harmful micro-organisms.

Probiotics are health promoting bacteria (normal flora) that are supposed to line the walls of our digestive tract.  There are 10 times more cells in the form of bacteria in your guts than in the rest of your entire body.

PROBIOTICS have many functions & are ESSENTIAL for YOU to be HEALTHY.  Sadly AMERICANS ARE DANGEROUSLY DEFICIENT in these essential organisms!


  1. Probiotics help normalize (which will mean improve to pretty much all Americans) the function of your immune system, which should be high on your list of bodily functions to keep in prime working order coming into the flu season.  Improving your immune system should not just be a goal for the cold & flu season, but all seasons considering we’re entering the cancer decade and the diabetes century, and that’s because all lifestyle diseases are directly related to your immune system.
    1. Probiotics are able to improve your immune system by out-competing bad (pathogenic – disease causing) bacteria, yeast, fungus & other harmful microorganisms for space on the wall of your digestive tract.  80% of your immune system is in your digestive tract because it is the largest area of our body that is exposed to the outside world (largest area for bad stuff to get into us).
      1.                                                                           i.      Let me give you an analogy that should fit right in here in New England.  Let’s say the Sox were playing the Yankee’s here at Fenway.  There are a limited number of seats for a game like that, right?  Well, if we were able to fill Fenway completely with Sox fans, there would be no room for those yucky (pathogenic) Yankee’s fans, and the Sox fans would be able to really help the Sox play their best & win the game, right?!.  It’s the same thing with your digestive tract; it is supposed to be filled with healthy bacteria that work together with you to help you run as efficiently as possible.  When we don’t have enough probiotics, for reasons discussed later, there is room for bad bacteria (Yankee’s fans) to take root and start producing toxins (foul language, negative energy), which can disrupt not only or immunity, but cause lots of symptoms, poor digestion, irritable bowel, head aches…etc (errors & lost games).

2  Probiotics improve (normalize) our digestion by breaking down certain foods & nutrients that we can’t absorb without them.

3  Probiotics make a certain number of vitamins that we don’t typically get enough of.  These include many of the B vitamins, which have to do with energy production, as well as vitamin K, which is important in clotting/coagulation in wound repair.

So, if we have so many of these things in our guts, why should I take any more?

Well, there have been massive amounts of research done on this topic, and as always it boils down to this: we aren’t living a life that anyway remotely resembles our hunter gatherer ancestors, which wrecks havoc on everything, including our friendly bacteria.

Here’s the 5 reasons Why:

We aren’t eating dirty foods covered in healthy bacteria; we now wash our foods and spray them with terribly toxic things.  This translates into you getting roughly 1,000,000 times less of these nice little guys into your GI tract.  (and keep in mind, you want to be like a healthy lake or pond, i.e. good inflow and outflow, outflow only or stagnation & and you die)

  1. Many of the things we do eat here in America (processed foods, unhealthy meats, dairy, & grains) are as terrible for our little helpers as they are for us.  They produce acidic environments that kill off our healthy bacteria and promote the environment where yeasts and fungi thrive.
  2. We consume antibiotics by the truckload, I know that roughly 20 million prescriptions are written incorrectly each year, not to mention all of the antibacterial soaps and other ridiculous products that straight up target and destroy our friendly buddies.
  3. We rarely play in the dirt!  We now play computers, Nintendo, or in swabbed gyms.  This would be absolutely absurd to a hunter gatherer; it was the only thing they could play in.  This not only ensured enough of the good bacteria, but it also ensured that his or her immune system was challenged in the right time and way to guarantee an extremely powerful immune system.
  4. Chronic Stress – wreaks havoc on us and our synergistic bugs, they don’t even have a chance.

Now that you know the WHY, you are ready for the How…


  1. Buy some Probiotics, but not just any probiotics.
    1. They should come refrigerated or out of the freezer (because they are alive they need to be cold to keep them alive long enough to ingest them).
    2. Also, there are certain strains (types) of healthy bacteria that have been shown to be more beneficial than others.
  1.                                                               i.      You want to make sure your probiotic has some of the following strains of bacteria: L. plantarum, B. bifidum, L. acidophilus L. rhamnosus, and L. casei which are genetically congruent with humans.
  2.                                                               i.      If this happens, start by taking one capsule every other day for the first week, then one/day for another week or two, then up to the full 2 capsules per day recommendations.  I like to take mine morning and night, because I like to spread out my wellness.
  1. Take the probiotics!!  This is something you take daily for life, to address a deficiency.
    1. I take Innate Choice Probiotic Sufficiency (retail about $35 for a months supply) because I feel that it is the healthiest brand out there.  There are some decent brands I have found @ Whole Foods, just make sure it is cold and contains some if not all of the above strains of bacteria.
    2. Note — DURING THE FIRST WEEK OR TWO OF STARTING PROBIOTICS THERE MAY BE SIDE EFFECTS, SUCH AS HEAD OR BODY ACHES, GAS, BLOATING &/OR DIARRHEA  … This is ok, this is normal.  This happens because the harmful microorganisms are fighters, & as they get pushed out and/or killed by the good bacteria, they often produce more toxins as they die, but stick to it because you are worth it!!
    1. Children should take ½ of a capsule/day per 40lbs of body weight.  (you can pull the capsule apart and put it in a smoothie, water or on food.  It’s flavorless.)
  1. Lastly, enjoy knowing that you are one sufficiency closer to living a wellness lifestyle (kind of gives you that warm and tingly feeling all over doesn’t it ;-p) and that you just increased the quality and the quantity of your (and your family’s) life.

I’m Proud of you for caring!

Probiotics 4 Health,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP