While the countless commercials may have been right in that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they were dead wrong about what to eat. Pretty much all of the commercials about what to eat for breakfast say “part of a complete breakfast” and I would agree if their cereals & yogurts were the part of the breakfast you throw away before eating something healthy. That’s right, I know that many of you are coming to grips with the fact that we humans did not evolve with grains nor pasteurized dairy in our diet; and that when consumed as any part of our diet there are pretty serious consequences in the long run. (I always say long run because a bowl of frosted or unfrosted cereal will not kill you, just like 1 cigarette won’t kill you; it is our bad HABITS that kill 75% of us in this country).

A great option for breakfast is something called PaleoCereal, which is only ½ true to the name because there are no cereal grains whatsoever, nor is there any milk. What we have is a bunch of fresh fruit & nuts with ground flax covered in almond milk. This seems to satisfy our current odd behavioral desire to eat something cold, sweet & crunchy for breakfast, while not compromising our quality of life or our longevity in the long run. Can anybody say “BONUS”!!

Here it is in video form: (it’s a little heavy on the nuts but still a great bfast option)


For more exact recipe check out Beautifully Strong Project

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “paleo” it stems from a period of time (Paleolithic era) before the advent of agriculture ranging from roughly 250,000 years to as recent as 10,000 years. This time was characterized as Old Stone Age where all humans lived as hunters & gatherers.