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Are you doing this to your spine?

It’s true, most of your problems come from your bad habits.  But hey, don’t feel bad!  A lot of them aren’t your fault, you weren’t given a users manual at birth, nor did anybody show you the best way to sleep, wash dishes, walk, sit, run, lift…etc and you’ve been doing your best.  You may have even been getting away with some pretty awful form for quite some time with no problems.

Yeah, this is going to last long...

But we all know that misusing a tool decreases its life expectancy and the same is true for your body, the most wonderful tool of all. So here’s a little tip on how to get the most out of your body, so that it will last a lifetime and not break down on you years before it should.

For every other topic you can think of there is usually a best posture or position that will also offer the longest durability and least wear and tear on your body.  To find out what they are please join our community education event this Thursday Feb 9th at 630 here at the Santa Barbara Health and Fitness Epicenter “Innate Fitness and SB Family Chiropractic” 360 S. Hope Ave Suite c100-105.

Move like you should for Health!

-Dr. Nick Araza DC CCWP Crossfit Trainer