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Is this you?

It is our bad habits that cause the majority of our problems whether spinal related or other.  So, this week I thought I’d reintroduce the importance of good posture while driving and what it is.  Poor sustained postures over a period of time result in much pain and suffering in our country as well as digestive, reproductive and other health issues.  Take a look at this short video to make sure your driving habits aren’t breaking you down.


PS Next Thursday at 630 at SB Family Chiropractic we are going to explore the other common postural habits that cause most problems from throwing your back out while lifting, or sneezing and the best way wash to the dishes, sit, stand, sleep, read and more.  The workshop will be action oriented with practice and 6 coaches to help you learn proper technique.  To reserve your seat call or email and This workshop is free but space is limited.

Use your body like it was intended for health!

-Dr. Nick Araza DC CCWP CFL1T