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Its that time of year, when your energy is high, emotions are running strong and visions of change and optimism are one and the same.  We too feel the excitement of a new and even better year here at SBFC and IBBC, and that’s why we are big goal setters.  Setting goals ensures results, not always the one set, but always much closer than if left to chance.  We have had to become masters in this area because we spend so much time helping people get their goals met.  Here’s what’s most important:

1. Definite Goal – Be clear concise and WRITE IT DOWN!  Writing down your goal clearly so someone else would understand is important for focusing your mind.  This is like a magnifying glass in the hot sun, it intensifies the goal in your mind.

2. Reasons – Action follows reasons. If you have big enough reason, you’ll accomplish your goals.  Write below your goal a paragraph WHY you want it.  Be specific and be honest, make it emotional.  Change can be difficult, but pain is an excellent motivator, so make it real on WHY you want this goal.

3.  Tell Someone– Social pressure is powerful.  It is interesting but most people keep their word better to others than themselves, so the more people that know your goal, the more positive motivation to achieve it.  Also, our clinic serves a very wonderful role in health coaching and accountability, knowing our patients/clients goals helps us help them stay on track.

4.  Put a date on it – The difference between a goal and a wish is a due date.  Make it realistic and consult others in the area of your goal if you aren’t sure on what’s reasonable.  A specific date really focuses your mind to achieve it and for you procrastinators out there, ensures that it gets done.

5a.  Reward  – Achieving a goal is a reward in itself, but if you can pick a really awesome gift or experience for completing your goal on time it will further increase your success.  Make sure its something you’ve wanted for a while and wouldn’t get otherwise (save a birthday or Christmas), you should be excited about your prize.

5b.  Punishment – Not achieving a goal is a punishment in itself as well, but the more painful consequence the more chances of success.  Pick something super hard or uncomfortable like giving the thing you wanted as a reward to your brother or sister or donating to a cause you don’t believe in…how motivating is that!

Goals should be fun and get you excited because you can get new skills or a new body or anything else you really put your mind to.

My favorite way to think of Goals is what Jim Rohn said “Set them for what they will make of you to achieve them.” 

You do have to become a different person in order to achieve a goal, so make sure it will make you a better person to get what you want.

If you would like to exactly how to set realistic goals and see them realized, attend our OPEN HOUSE WORK OUT  & GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP.  SATURDAY – Jan 14 from 10am-12pm at Innate Fitness. 360 S. Hope Ave suite c105.  SB CA 93105     ph# 805 682-4620

New Year New You

Happy Healthy 2012!!

-Dr. Nick Araza DC CCWP