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Not only did I tell you I would be able to blog over the weekend (which I forgot we don’t have internet at my apartment), but I didn’t blog yesterday either! I have some making UP to do! ūüôā

Weekend “eat-out”

Breakfast- Cajun Kitchen in Santa Barbara: order an omelette with no cheese. Load up with meat and veggies and top with avocado! Home fries are welcome ūüôā

Monday’s Meals:

Breakfast: A Hodgepodge

Breakfast was sort of odd for me yesterday; I feel like I ate little things over the¬†course of a few hours. I started out with two hard-boiled¬†eggs, loaded¬†with pepper ūüôā MMMMMM!¬†After an hour I moved on to a sweet potato (just straight up cold…although cooked! We¬†prep on Sunday for the week by cooking up a bunch of sweet potatoes and hardboiling a dozen eggs). Finally, I ate a banana.¬†Spacing that all out held me over until nearly¬†lunch…



…we¬†found a¬†stash of homemade Paleo Donut with maple/cinnamon raw butter made by our very own Casey Pfiefer¬†(sorry Casey!). Andrew, Nick and myself claimed a few and enjoyed every delicious paleo bite.

Lunch: Another Hodgepodge

I’m¬†really not sure what was up with my eating¬†habits yesterday, but it was pretty random all day long. For lunch I¬†took a few bites of¬†some lemon herb chicken that we pre-prepped on Sunday, and a shared (with Nick)¬†kale salad of kale, grapes, avocado and walnuts while we enjoyed the sunshine on our lunch break at Eilings Park!


After a tough workout¬†last night after work, we enjoyed a tasty, healthy meal of ahi tuna, fingerlings¬†potatoes, and asparagus…and while cooking that all up, we had an appetizer of cucumber, avocado and red pepper salad drizzled¬†with balsamic and¬†olive oil.


Phew! I’m caught up! Let’s get to what we had for breakfast today ūüôā

Breakfast Smoothie!

I must say, I made QUITE a delicious breakfast smoothie today!

Ingredients: almond milk, frozen raspberries, a heaping scoop of almond butter, 3 raw eggs (there are 3 because this was for two people…and there should be no cause for concern¬†for putting raw eggs in your smoothie as long as they are healthy¬†cage-free, organic eggs), handful of kale and a¬†banana.


I also attended a Business to Business Breakfast this morning which served breakfast! Skipped the coffee and had a few potatoes and chopped fruit.


How are you all doing so far? Any struggles? Notice any positive differences so far?!