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Wooooo doggy! 3 full days down, and on to the 4th! We have this thing in the BAG!

I like starting with dinner from the night before…so let’s jump right into this…

Dinner: Ahi tuna with vegetable medley

I was FULL of energy last night, after co-teaching one of the on-ramp classes with Andrew…so I kicked it up a notch in the kitchen will all that left over gusto!

I got the skillet warmed up and coated the bottom with some real butter. We only had a few string beans left over, so I threw those in, cut up some carrots and some summer squash. Talk about COLORFUL! Stirred those up in the butter a little, then sprinkled some nutmeg all over. Mmmm!

Once that was close to ready, I cooked up the Ahi tuna steaks until browned on each side.

Serve it up and watch people get VERY excited about it 🙂

Breakfast: Egg, Sausage Scramble

I agreed to help Andrew again this morning at the 6am class, so Nick had breakfast all ready to go for us when I got home 🙂

He cooked up an egg, sausage and spinach scramble…so tasty, and SO easy to do!Literally, cut up the sausage into little coin size pieces, toss them into a skillet with some coconut oil and start cooking. Add some kale, or spinach or CHARD, then pour the whipped up eggs over, and stir until cooked! Wallah!

Snack: Smoothie

While Nick was cooking up the scramble, he made a quick smoothie for us to take as snacks.

Banana, olive oil, cocoa, almond butter, Brazilian nuts, and a handful of spinach…whether that sounds like it would be tasty or not…it WASSSS!

Lunch: Salad with sausage

I’m not 100% sure this is what we’ll eat for lunch yet…but I can take a pretty good guess that we will. I particularly like to eat this for lunch because it’s an easy way to get a BUNCH of veggies into your body and a quick source of some tasty protein while you’re at it.


I will continue through the weekend, which can sometimes pose a problem for staying on schedule with a “strict” diet, so this will be raw footage 🙂

One more thing…I’ve started helping Andrew out at the On-Ramp class on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Last night was a blast of a group! Come join us this coming Thursday!


Talk to you tomorrow 🙂