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Here’s what I’m feeling so far…


I have not yet felt any sort of “loss” due to the strict 30 day challenge…planning on keeping it that way! To be perfectly honest, the only times I even recognize a difference is that I am not drinking coffee, and probably when we go out to eat I tend to be a little less stringent with my diet.

So far, however…so very good 🙂

I decided last night to make some mexican chicken and string beans…but before that was finished, we needed SOMETHING to eat! While my chicken was cooking, I cooked up a nice little appetizer for the hungry man of the house 🙂

Snack: Shishito Peppers

When I was at the farmers market on Tuesday, I came upon these little babies and asked how to cook them. {Neat little side note about them, in Japan these peppers are traditional bar food…peanuts or shishito peppers?…hmmmm. Try them and let me know what YOU would rather…}

So to cook the peppers, you coat them in olive oil, salt and peppers before you put it in the pan. Then once the pan is nice and warm, you the put the peppers in and cook until the edges start to blacken. Take out, let cool, and enjoy every single, delicious little bite!

Need a visual? Check them out!

Now for dinner…

Dinner : Mexican Chicken and String Beans

I was feeling frisky last night, so I thawed some chicken, coated the chicken in eggs (HEALTHY eggs of course!) and rubbed the chicken in some almond flour. Once the chicken was in the skillet (cooked over coconut oil, ps), I sliced a lime in two and squirted (squirted, haha, funny word) some lime juice over the chicken.

Something I noticed: it is pretty difficult to cook chicken covered in almond flour. A lot of the almond flour doesn’t actually stay on. Something that I have noticed in the past is that it does a lot better in the oven (say, bake the chicken at 350?).

While that was going, I cooked up some string beans with olive oil, salt and peppers in another pan and set on medium heat.

Once chicken is cooked and plated, top with cubed avocado 🙂 Mexican DELIGHT!

Feedback on the meal: Nick said it was one of the best meals he’s had from me. Which is funny, because he says that about a lot of them :-p

Breakfast: hot autumn in a bowl

I was surprised this morning with a delicious treat from Nick in the kitchen. Hot autumn in a bowl.

I used to LOVE oatmeal, and one of the last few times that we went strict paleo, that was cut and it never came back…so this was a GREAT replacement for that!!…especially the colder it gets outside and the longer it’s dark in the morning.

Nick got the skillet ready with some coconut oil,  cooked up some apple chunks, Brazilian nuts, cashews, coconut flakes, cinnamon and raisins in a skillet and mixed it all up with coconut butter. There is a difference between coconut BUTTER and coconut OIL…coconut butter you can eat straight out of the jar and enjoy…coconut oil…eh, it would be weird.

Final step, fill half of hot bowl of goodness with almond milk, and wallah!

Lunch: Salad with cooked onion and sausage

Ingredients of this delicious concoction?

Kale, persian cucumbers, big beef tomatoes, avocado, cooked onions, cooked apple chicken sausage and sliced strawberries…drizzled with olive oil and balsamic. MMM