As of yesterday, Dr. Nick and myself (Jen :)) started a 30-day Paleo Challenge!

Wait a second, I thought you ALREADY WERE Paleo!…

Dr. Nick and myself are what you would say, 90-95% Paleo, meaning I have coffee with cream in it, and sometimes we go out to eat and eat something a little less than Paleo. We’re not perfect, okay?! 🙂

So a Paleo Challenge means that for 30 days we are 100% Paleo (meaning no coffee for me).

Last night we had a group discussion for any patients who were interested in starting the 30-days with us; community helps us thrive. I promised to post a bunch of recipes, and we decided that the best way to do this would be to post what we eat each day!…Here you go…

Breakfast: Paleo Cereal and an Egg Scramble

Brown some nuts and coconut flakes in some coconut oil on medium heat. Add a touch of natural maple syrup and cook until brown. Top over cut of fruit. Use almond or coconut milk as a milk substitute.

The egg scramble was cooked in coconut oil, and was a mixture of eggs, spinach and chicken sausage. Yummm

Post-workout snack

Dr. Nick blended up some raw eggs, coconut milk, cocoa, banana for a quick burst of replenishment and energy after our workout.

Lunch: Salad

Our salad was chopped kale, carrots, cucumbers, avocado, grapes, all of this covered in tuna (for a tasty addition to tuna, stir it with Dijon mustard instead of mayo). Dress with balsamic and olive oil 🙂 yumm


We have not yet had dinner today, but last night we had tacos..

TACOS?! gasp…

Wait a second…tacos wrapped in LETTUCE! 🙂 Trust me, they are DELICIOUS!

I brown some beef (Dey Dey’s Best Beef Ever) and then add some mexican chili power, celery salt, onion salt and some pepper. Stir it all up…incredible!

I get the big leaf lettuce and scoop some beef into the leaf, with some chopped tomatoes, avocado..and pour a little salsa verde over the top…you have yourself a meal!

Enjoy 🙂

Till tomorrow 🙂