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We are supposed to be healthy.  It is fact.  Our cells are programmed for health, they constantly strive to adapt to the environment they end up in. They do their best, but they can’t speak english (french, spanish or any other language), they can only send coded messages for us to interpret. Think about how amazing adapt your body is at adapting!  If it is hot outside, you sweat, if it is cold outside, you shiver; if your energy stores are getting low, you get hungry; if you have been awake for too long, you get sleepy, all of those happen without any drugs whatsoever!  No medical intervention necessary, the body has wisdom.  When the body can’t adapt on its own, it sends different signals often in the form of pain.  So why is it that we treat that symptom differently, rather than trying to figure out why it’s there, we focus on what it is and how to treat it.  Foot pain, back pain, head aches, tummy aches…etc are some of the signals often ignored or masked rather than interpreted and addressed?  What if you we’re tired of getting hungry and you wen’t to the doctor and he/she said here take this pharmecutical so you don’t have to listen to that signal anymore….  Sounds crazy doesn’t it?!  But when it’s foot pain or back pain or constipation or heartburn or high blood pressure, those are the words that are said and heard “take this pharmecutical so you don’t have to listen to that signal anymore.”  Traditional medicine is focused on getting rid of symptoms, not giving the body what it needs to be well.  We need change, if we are to reclaim our health, we need to listen to our bodies and start obeying their requests.  No one ever gets different results with the same actions, for positive results, positive change is required.  It doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be different, baby steps are great!  If your knees and hips hurt from running, change your form, eat an anti-inflammatory diet and get your spine and pelvis aligned by a chiropractor.  Please don’t mask it with drugs until that body part has to be cut out.  Pain just like hunger is a signal that our bodies needs are not being met.  Health is simple, as long as we are getting what we need and not being poisoned, we will be healthy.  Who’s your chiropractor, your trainer, your coach..?  In this hectic modern world, who’s helping you make the choices your body is rooting for?  Find that person because they want nothing more than to help you achieve and surpass your health goals, most of which with time are even more attainable than you think.


-Dr. Nick Araza DC CCWP CSCS

SB Family Chiropractic