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Highlander livin the lifeI’m a chiropractor, so why have I spent time inspecting the farming practices, cows and farmers in Nevada, Massachussetts and California? Because I am also a health coach. This means I care not only that my patients get out of pain, but more importantly that they get healthier and that thier most valuable assest their health is growing so that in 5 YEARS they are healthier then they are TODAY! You may be still wondering what that has to do with inspecting farming practices? Most of you understand that the foods that you eat, make your body; but we need to take this one step further because the food that your food eats, makes their body. So, if your food (cows, fish, chicken, pork, bisson...) is eating an unhealthy diet, then you have less health.This is why I have found myself at farms south of Reno, (to check for my family); west of Boston (to check for my former patients), and north of Santa Barbara (to check for my new and current patients). To make sure. When it comes to my patients' health, I don't take chances. When I make a recommendation for someones health, I expect that they will take it, and so I don't make reccommendations lightly weather it be about their spinal health or foods they eat. Our bodies break down with stress, and they don't care whether it is from a spinal subluxation (misalignment) or a toxic peice of meat, the result of stress is the same.These farms and farmers that I examined are grass fed beef farms. 100 hundred years ago, that was the only type of beef farm, but sadly that justisn’t the case anymore. On a happiernote, they are on the rise again. It is no longer enough to think only about the things we putinto our mouths, but for those of us who choose to use the energy given fromthe life of other animals (in other words, eat meat), we must now also thinkabout what those animals ate and howtheir lives were lived. But what does that have to do withcows and grass? And what about 100%corn-fed beef?It’s pure marketing, my friends. Oh yeah, not to forget capitalismand industrial agriculture at its’ finest. Although raising cows on corn helps the beef industry (and corn farmersand oil companies) make a lot of money, the companies involved don’t care oneiota for the creatures they are raising, the environment, or the health of the peoplethey are feeding. You see, just as wewere designed, created and evolved to eat a certain diet (in our case: fruits,veggies, seeds, nuts and meat), cowswere also designed, created and evolved to eat a certain diet - that dietconsists of 100% grass. Different types,yes - but all grass, nonetheless. Ok, but what’s the big deal? When did a little corn hurt anyone?Here’s where grass makes such a big difference: Omega 3’s,antibiotics, heart disease and all stress-related diseases (also known as lifestylediseases), and taste. You see grains (yes,corn is a grain) do the same things to cows as they do to humans: MAKE THEM FAT. But whereas our value doesn’t increase as wegain weight, the opposite is true for our bovine friends. In fact, cows will gain an average of 4pounds per day on a corn-fed diet, compared to the 1-2 pounds per day on agrass-fed diet. In addition to theweight gains, grains cause other major differences in cows’ (and humans’)physiology. First, grains contain more Omega 6 Fatty Acids; whereas, grasscontains more Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Omega3’s act to normalize the inflammatory response, this makes us less prone toinflammatory (lifestyle) diseases and pain. Also, Omega 3’s are vital to our NERVESYSTEMS!! So when cows eat grass, theyhave tons of Omega 3’s in them; therefore, ITISN’T THAT RED MEAT CAUSES HEART DISEASE - IT IS GRAIN-FED, UNHEALTHY RED MEATTHAT CAUSES HEART DISEASE (and a host of other diseases)! That is great news for those of you who, likeme, love a good steak or burger. Now,I’m not telling those of you who are vegetarians to become carnivores, but weare designed to eat meat from cows. Ourhunter-gatherer ancestors were as healthy as humans get, and they ate plenty ofgrass-fed animals. Red meat from grass-fedcows is actually a healthy food choice. Second, let’s talk sugar. I will say it again, grains (which are basically sugar) do the same thing to humans as theydo to cows - make us fat. What theyalso do is dramatically decrease our (cows’ and humans’) immune function,leading to all sorts of diseases, infections and cancers. So, instead of feeding cows a healthygrass-fed diet low in sugar and WHAT COWS WERE DESIGNED TO EAT, industrialfarms administer antibiotics, to treat the unhealthy cows that they havecreated with a sugar-rich and inflammatory corn-based diet. This allows the cows in industrial farms tolive just a little longer (and more miserable life) until they are as fat aspossible just prior to slaughter, usually at the ripe old age of one and a half. In fact, industrial cows will usually dieanyway by age of 2-2.5 years, due to such unhealthy living conditions. Industrial farms slaughter the sick cows and sell them to… US, justbefore they die of lifestyle induced disease. YUMMY. That’s why red meat isrelated to heart disease - not because cows are bad for us, but because unhealthy cows are bad for us. Do you see now why it is important to knowwhere our food has lived and what they have eaten?That ain't grass...



  Grass-Fed Cows Grain-Fed Cows
# of Cows/farm About 100 1000s and 1000s
Place Open pasture/barns Crammed feed lots
Feeding Eat grass when hungry Force fed unnatural foods
Drugs 0-1 Vaccinations Antibiotics, vaccines, hormones by the truckload
Time Calf Spends
with Mom
8-10 months Few hours to a few days
State of Health Healthy Sick
Cost More. Great for quality.

Bulk is ~$4.50-6.50/pound

Tax payer dollars
subsidized corn = cheap meat
Farmers Caring; cows are treated with an understanding of their
physiology and needs
Inhumane treatment. Treated as products.
End of Life Euthanized on lot, or humane slaughter house (I haven’t
personally checked this aspect yet)
Slaughter House (herded by tractors, very stressful
Overall Result for
Healthy Unhealthy


Which would you rather? How would this living condition affect your stress levels?

Ok hopefully you are sold on the healthfulness of
Grass Fed Beef, but how does it taste?

It tastes DELICIOUS!!  Cooking it is a topic for a different blog,
but the best burger I have ever had came from a grass-fed cow.  Plus, I will add that it is a different and
more appreciative relationship with the food when you know exactly where it
came from and how it got to your plate to feed your body.

 How do you get it?  On AUGUST 27TH FROM 10-4 AT SB Family Chiropractic & Innate Fitness, we will have our GRAND OPENING and Farmer John from DeyDey’s Best Beef Ever will be there bbqing some of the tastiest meat you’ll ever eat!  Come and join us for the food and fun (exercise demos, raffle prizes, Lululemon, health workshops….and more)

360 S Hope Ave Suites C100 & C105

SB, CA 93105

We plan on getting a CSA Drop Off Site Here, so stay tuned for more info on that or email cpfeifer@innatewellness.com (Casey is the Man when it comes to GFB)


FAMILY INVOLVED!!! The more people are interested in and participating with
these grass-fed farms (and all wellness related activities), the more of them
that will be launched (making it easier for all of us to get healthy stuff).  And then, hopefully we will be able to end
the inhumane and unhealthy practice of industrial farming and get way healthier
doing it!

Any more questions?  Feel
free to email me at drnick@sb-fc.com.

If you are not local, a great website to check out is www.eatwild.com; there you can find local
grass feed beef farms and other naturally raised animals.