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One fish, two fish, red fish ahhhhhhh

















Okay, so maybe “terrifying” isn’t exactly accurate for the tuna, but after reading this blog, it should scare you enough to make you limit your consumption.


Mercury, like aspartame (NutraSweet), is a neuro-toxin (meaning it KILLS YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM, which is the MASTER REGULATORY SYSTEM that is RESPONSIBLE FOR RUNNING YOUR AMAZING BODY).   That sentence should have your attention.  But if you need more:  mercury  accumulates in the tissues of your body and is very difficult to get rid of, AND  it can cause numbness, burning, brain damage, cerebral palsy type symptoms, kidney damage and eventual failure, as well as circulation issues and retardation in developing children.  Because of their accelerated rate of nervous system and all other system development, unborn children and small children are highly susceptible to injury from this highly poisonous naturally and industrially occurring metal; this is why pregnant women should NOT consume much fish.

Why are fish so dangerous?
Basically there is a lot of murcury floating around in our ocean – some of it naturally occurring, but most is from man-made pollution that is pumped into our air from large factories and ends up in our lakes and oceans.  This is a big environmental problem, but that is a whole other issue.  As for the fish, large predatory fish (shark, swordfish, macrel, tuna, etc.) are really the fish to avoid as much as possible because they end up with the most mercury in their tissues.  This happens for two reasons: #1) they are alive longer, so they have more time to accumulate more mercury, and #2) they eat lots of little fish, so the mercury from the little fish accumulates.   So we want to seriously limit our consumption of BIG FISH.

On top of the mercury issue, there is also a lot to be said for wild vs. farmed fish.  Wild fish eat what fish should eat, and therefore are chemically built the way healthy fish should be.  Farmed fish are fed corn and soy – I don’t know much about fish or farming, but I do know that corn is not a product of the sea (or of any lakes).  So I’m fairly certain that just because it is subsidized and cheap to buy, IT IS NOT WHAT FISH ARE SUPPOSED TO EAT!!

Just as cows are supposed to eat grass, fish are supposed to eat whatever fish are supposed to eat.  Species-specific diets are crucial, if we hope to get our food health and nutrition from animals.  We are what what we eat, eats!


ACTION STEP #1:  To find out which fish are healthy, print out this awesome guide (also found on the link below it) and put it in your wallet or purse.

ACTION STEP #2:  When out to eat or purchasing fish, this guide from www.foodandwaterwatch.org is an excellent resource in terms of what questions to ask.

Seafood Questionaire

ACTION STEP #3:  There is also a tuna calculator on www.ewg.org that is a handy tool for determining how much you can eat based on weight, gender, etc.  It is way more conservative than some of the others out there, but when it comes to pregnant mothers and developing children, I think conservative is the way to go.

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP