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We are so close to being open that I can taste it!!!! Here’s what we have on our plate this week:

  • We are OFFICIALLY opening our doors JULY 5TH!!! In order to prepare for this, we are putting together a waiting list for opening week appointments! We have a great deal for those of you who sign up ahead of time:
    • If you sign up on our waiting list BEFORE June 22nd, we will provide for you a new patient exam (consultation with Dr. Nick, in-depth Chiropractic exam, including x-rays if necessary, and a report) which is typically $250, for $47!! Just for signing up with us early! So, if you want to get on our waiting list for opening week (the week of July 5th) email Jen at jen@sb-fc.com, and we’ll see you then!
  • We wrote a really fun, inspiring blog this week on “How to add more minutes to your day”…you can read that here: https://sbfamilychiro.wordpress.com/2011/06/10/how-to-add-more-minutes-to-your-day/. If you like our posts, we would love if you would subscribe to the blog! Then you don’t even have to go looking for us, we come right to you J (Find out how, below)
  • We have 9 days left to get everything we need to do to open the practice in time…we could as many helping hands as possible!! We would love your help! Find us at 360 S. Hope Ave, suite C100
  • We switched our blog format over to WordPress, and we would love if you would subscribe to it (so that you never miss these super fun/informative posts of course!). You can do that by either a) going to our website at www.sbfamilychiropractic.com and clicking on “our blog”. This will take you directly to our blog where you can click on the “sign me up” button under Email Subscriptions (on the far right). OR, b) go directly to our blog site, www.sbfamilychiro.wordpress.com and click on the “sign me up” button as well!
  • We would love feedback from you! If you have any particular posts that you would like to see, or have any questions you would like answered, send them directly to my (Jennifer) email: jen@sb-fc.com and we will do our best to get a post out as soon as possible!

I hope you guys have a great week! This week, make your health a priority!!!J

Yours in health,

Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic