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Is this You?

I hear it all the time, “Dr. Nick, I’ve tried everything but still can’t lose these extra pounds, it’s just my right here on my stomach (hips, legs, arms, etc…)”

Here is Why:

Did you know that adipose (fat) cells store more than just fat?  Yep, they actually store many things, but we can group the biggest items into two categories:

  1. Fatty Acids – to be used by the body for energy later in times of energy shortage
  2. Toxic Waste – compounds that will harm the body if left in blood stream

Now lets think about this, if fat cells are not only responsible for holding excess energy, but also toxic substances, why would your brilliant body (and it is brilliant) shrink a fat cell if it also has to dump the toxic material, it was also holding, back into the blood along with the fat?  It wouldn’t.  You see, in order to lose weight you must make the energy balance go in the direction of fat loss (eating less than required for daily activity), but also you must increase the healthy foods that will buffer the toxic substances that that have been stored in those fat cells along with the excess fat, oh yeah, and you need to stop eating the toxic foods!

Let me explain; many of the foods that western culture is based on (processed foods, milk, cheese, yogurt, bread, pasta, and unhealthy meat (raised on unnatural grain based diets)) results in toxicity to the body. Acidity in the blood stream is a great example.  Just like our body temperature is tightly regulated by our brilliant body to keep us alive, our blood pH (acid/base) balance is also tightly regulated.  When we consume foods that are more acidic than our body was designed/evolved for, our body has to figure out what to do with them.  Besides getting rid of them in our waste, much of these TOXIC SUBSTANCES ARE PUSHED OUT OF OUR SKIN, resulting in pimples, eczema, boils…etc, but if the body still is out of balance it then begins to buffer these acids with our own bone calcium and magnesium, RESULTING IN HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, CRAMPS, OSTEOPOROSIS…ETC.  If the acid/base balance is still skewed, your body will store much of this toxic substances and acid in your fat cells, THEREFORE, YOUR BODY WILL ACTUALLY INCREASE FAT STORES ON PURPOSE TO DEAL WITH THIS TOXICITY = You Get Fatter.

Nothing proves this better than the fact that people actually gain more weight on diet soda than regular soda. I am in no way saying that soda is healthy, but because the unnatural chemical ingredients (aspartame (NutraSweet), Splenda, etc..) in diet drinks are so toxic to the body, you’re body will actually increase fat stores (despite the lack of calories) just to get the toxic substances out of your body’s circulation!

This is why when you decide to eat less and exercise you notice a difference (AND YOU BECOME HEALTHIER), but if you do not change WHAT you eat as well, your body will fight to keep the fat in your cells (and on your hips, butt, stomach) because if it doesn’t, it knows that the toxic substances will also be back in the blood stream causing havoc.

ACTION STEPS: In addition to eating less and exercising more, you need to eat more natural (unprocessed) foods that will buffer the acid, allowing your body to release it and the fat (that is being released to compensate for the energy deficit you are creating) or it just won’t happen like you want.

1.  Raw fruits and vegetables are the best source of alkaline (basic) foods that will normalize your body’s blood chemistry by buffering the acids coming out along of your fat cells when you exercise and eat less.

2.  Drink Lots and lots of water! This  will also help flush those toxic substances from your body.  I recommend drinking at least ½ of your body weight in ounces of water.

3. Incorporate fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice (yes you have to cut a lemon and squeeze it, lemonade is not the same thing!!) into your diet.   At least 1 per day with 80z or more of H2O.  Fresh squeezed lemon and/or lime in your water will help to get more of those basic (buffering) minerals into your body.  (Despite the citric acid in Lemons and limes, they actually end up alkaline or basic in your body because of the mineral content!!).

AS ALWAYS, REMEMBER:  You need to eat and move (exercise) for health not for weight loss, it just so happens that the foods your body requires for health are the same ones that will normalize your body’s weight.  Thin and healthy is normal!  When we eat and move for health, we become healthy, and the side effects of health are that you feel great, look great, have loads of energy, loads of strength, can think well and the list goes on and on….




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Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP CSCS