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Okay, so I know that I said this week’s Fun Friday blog would be on “Dietary Infidelity”, but I was recently inspired by a coffee shop conversation with (what was once) a stranger, and honestly, what is more fun sounding than “What Wags Your Tail?”. So this blog is partially due to some inspiration from my new buddy, Tom J Thanks TOM!

I love Fridays…I especially love them even more now that I get to start my Friday mornings with a nice hot coffee, sitting in the sunshine at my favorite coffee shop, The Daily Grind, while talking on the phone with my beautiful friend, Alexis. I love our conversations for so many reasons; they are always fun, they are ALWAYS deep, and they are always forward thinking. We all need a few friends in our life with which we visualize life and where we want to be heading; who we want to be. Alexis is one of those people for me.

So often Alexis asks me the question, “What is bringing you life these days?” Hmmm…what IS bringing me life? Since moving to Santa Barbara I have dove headlong into trying to figure out just that…what gets me excited about getting out of bed every day (besides the wonderful man I get to share my life with, and our incredible friends)?

Well, oddly enough, I had the absolute pleasure of having a nearly 2 hour conversation with a (like I said, at the time) random stranger, and somehow the conversation led to this exact topic, “what brings you life?” which he then so awesomely broke it down to, “So, what wags your tail?” YES, YES!!! I LOVE IT!

Personally, I love that Nick knows that if he says, “Jen, I was thinking we should stay in tonight, snuggle on the couch with a movie and a cup of tea” I will all but jump up and down…well actually, I typically actually do that, hehe. If I were a dog, my tail would be going NUTS!

So my question for you is this: What wags YOUR tail? Do you know what those things are that make you so excited; that fill you with energy; that bring you LIFE? When you feel those moments, the moments that you feel so full of life you could probably cry (or maybe that’s just me and Lex, hehe) really stop and think what it is about that moment that makes you feel that way, and how you can replicate it…what about it brings you so much life? Don’t you WANT to live a life that is so full of…well, LIFE?! What else are we here for really but to feel and experience all that there is for us to do, see, think, smell, hear, and feel…you get the idea? J

Our lives are comprised of a series of mundane, day to day decisions… so while for just one day filling your time with “to-do’s” which bore you to tears won’t necessarily decrease the quality of your life per say, and filling one day with productivity and life-giving qualities won’t necessarily improve the quality of your future life per-say…but everyday making those little decisions to call a friend who brings out the best in yourself, going for a run to balance your heart and mind, eating life-giving foods…those little decisions all add up to a life brimming over with LOVE, SUCCESS, GRATITUDE AND EXCITEMENT!

Today, just for today…fill your day with little choices which “wag your tail”…

…then repeat tomorrow J

With Love and Gratitude,