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Is This YOU?

Do you ever feel shorter at the end of your day than at the beginning?  Tension in your neck and shoulders? More restricted, more constricted or compressed? There is a reason for that: our bodies are designed/evolved for movement, so if you spend most of your day like most americans (in the seated posture) all day you not only have the constant force of gravity bearing down on you, but you also have a deficiency of movement, which doesn’t allow the discs of your spine to fully hydrate or heal.  It is motion that keeps your spine and body healthy and working properly.  Sedentary jobs or hobbies rob you of that motion which hydrates and nourishes your joints, muscles, tendons, bones and other connective tissue to allow the maximum repair and rejuvenation, keeping us as young as possible.  Moreover, it keeps us feeling young and looking young!  You have to move, it is a requirement and essential nutrient that your body expects of you, so get up and move!  Want specifics?  Here is a set of AWESOME EXERCISES designed to extend and improve your posture and your life. The research is in, poor sustained posture not only looks and feels terrible, but it degenerates your spine and SHORTENS YOUR LIFE


ACTION STEP: Do this at least 1 x per hour of sitting, you will FEEL the difference both just after and at the end of the day.

Go Extend Your Life!

-Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP CSCS