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My parents were in town for the weekend to visit me from northern Maine. I was so excited for them to get here on Saturday, and I was very sad to see them go this morning. We had a lot of good times, made some great memories, and I can honestly say that this weekend changed my mother’s life. Sounds dramatic doesn’t it? Well…to tell you the truth, it was dramatic.

My parents pulled in the yard at around 2pm on Saturday. My dad came bobbing down the path to our steps, chipper as usual; my mother still getting some things in the car. The weather was ridiculous, in the 70′s, and the sun was shining! Perfect! Finally, my mother comes limping down the path. “What’s going on with you?” I ask. The 7 hour trek from northern Maine to Beverly really took a toll on her back. Now, as long as I can remember, my mother has had problems with her back. When I was 11 she had a surgery on her back and it hasn’t been right since. So, needless to say, I wasn’t excited (obviously!), but definitely not surprised by this response. Since learning more about what chiropractic does for a person, I have been bugging her to see one, and hard! So I say, “You think it’s about time you see a chiropractor?” Nothing.

So we take a walk down to the beach, my mother slowing down more and more as we go (our house is only 2 blocks from the beach). Once we get to the beach, she stays standing up, her face contorted in pain. It’s quickly getting worse.

As the night progresses my mother’s back starts bothering her more and more, her face expressing more and more pain; till at one point she just started crying and couldn’t walk at all. This is when Nick stepped in. He offered to check her spine. Now would you believe me if I told you that my mother is a NURSE, has been in the healthcare system for 30+ years, has had BACK SURGERY, and no one has EVER shown her what her spine looks like? Well believe it. So, to make a long story short, Nick did an exam on her, found multiple areas of subluxation
(What is subluxation?Read http://fransonchiropractic.wordpress.com/2009/08/05/chiropractic-termites-and-subluxation/ ), and told her that he would like to adjust her. She was petrified. She was so worried that an adjustment would put her in more pain than she was already in. I told her that I would be there with her, and promised her it wouldn’t be scary. So, after looking back and forth between Nick, my dad and myself, she hesitantly agreed.

Nick was AMAZING with her. He very slowly eased her into it, and I began to see her relax. He talked her through every little thing that he was doing, and performed her first adjustment. I think from that moment, till about an hour later, I had a CONSTANT lump in my throat. When I first went to a chiropractor to become a patient, I didn’t have any symptoms that pushed me to go, but I had some symptoms that I didn’t know (because I wasn’t educated) were related to my spine. So, when I received my first adjustment, it felt good, but it was not such a CLEAR illustration of what chiropractic can do for a person as it was with my mother.  Her relief was almost immediate (I’m not saying it was GONE or that one adjustment is going to “fix” her…I’m saying her ridiculous pain was relieved some), and DRAMATIC! Her face softened, she was smiling and laughing, and WALKING! After her adjustment, she was instructed to walk for 15 minutes around the building, so I joined her. She kept talking about how much SENSE Chiropractic made (she had never been educated about that either, and Nick did such a great job of educating before even showing her what her spine looked like, so that she knew what she was LOOKING at!), and how she definitely wanted to begin chiropractic care once she got home. This made my world!! I know that Nick does this for his profession, and that he does this every single day…but to know what my mother has gone through my whole life (and my dad even was talking about events with her back from when they first got married…) and that she feels HOPE for the first time; hope that she’ll be able to become more active, hope that she’ll be able to chase after her grandkids someday and even just pick them UP, hope that she’s not going to have to feel this way, or WORSE, for the rest of her life! Hearing her talk this way made me SO proud. I was so proud of HER for doing something that was so outside of her comfort zone, something that she was so afraid of. I was so proud of Nick because not only did he show her WHY her back has been this way (which no one ever gave her THAT answer), but made her feel safe and comforted, and unlike some of the chiropractors back home (which have scared her away from chiropractic from stories she has heard), really got her excited about what chiropractic could do for her to be the healthiest person she can be!

It was such a beautiful weekend…I feel SO grateful for these amazing people in my life Have a beautiful day!