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Last week, I found myself conversing again with another grass fed beef farmer, but this time I wasn’t at a farm in Northern Nevada or Western Massachusetts, I was at the farmer’s house in Santa Barbara, California at a local chapter meeting of the Weston A. Price Foundation.   Farmer John from Dey Dey’s Best Beef

did an excellent job going over the main health differences on why it is important to buy healthy grass fed beef from your local farmers.  I thought I would do a short recap for all of you who couldn’t make the meeting. 

Grass Fed Beef (GFB) vs Industrial Beef (grain fed Cows)


  Grass-Fed Cows Grain-Fed Cows
# of Cows/farm About 100 1000s and 1000s
Place Open pasture/barns Crammed feed lots
Feeding Eat grass when hungry, supplement dry grass (alfalfa) in winter months. Force fed unnatural foods
Drugs 0-1 Vaccinations Antibiotics, vaccines, hormones by the truckload
Time Calf Spends with Mom 8-10 months Few hours to a few days
State of Health Healthy Sick – harvest just before death from disease.
Cost It costs more at purchase, but you only pay once. Great for quality.

Best is to buy in Bulk:


Tax payer dollars subsidized corn = cheap meat at counter; However, you pay for it in taxes and in treatment dollars, so additional 2 hidden payments.
Gasoline (carbon/pollution) Cost Net roughly Zero.The sun makes the grass & they sell locally. Huge!!! Gasoline to grow the corn, ship the corn and ship the meet very far distances. 
Farmers Caring; cows are treated with an understanding of their physiology and needs Inhumane treatment. Treated as products.
End of Life Euthanized on lot, or humane slaughter house Slaughter House (herded by tractors, very stressful death.)
Overall Result for Us Healthy Unhealthy


Not only is GFB healthy, but it tastes DELICIOUS!!  Cooking it is a topic for a different blog, but the best burger I have ever had came from a grass-fed cow.  Plus, I will add that it is a different and more appreciative relationship with the food when you know exactly where it came from and how it got to your plate to feed your body.

Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic will be starting a CSA drop site at our office this summer with Dey Dey’s Best Beef, so if you are interested in buying excellent quality meat that is healthy for you and your family at the best rate possible please email Jen at jen@sb-fc.com and we will contact you with more information.  Remember there is power in numbers!

 LET’S GET GOING ON THIS PEOPLE, GET EVERYONE, YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY INVOLVED!!! The more people are interested in and participating with these grass-fed farms (and all wellness related activities), the more of them that will be launched (making it easier for all of us to get healthy stuff).  And then, hopefully we will be able to end the inhumane and unhealthy practice of industrial farming and get way healthier doing it!

If you are not local to SB, a great website to check out is www.eatwild.com; there you can find local grass feed beef farms and other naturally raised animals.

More on The Weston A. Price Foundation, it is an awesome organization dedicated to helping people find the healthiest local fresh foods available to their community and I highly recommend you find, support and attend your local chapter.  If you live in the Santa Barbara area, the next member meeting is going to be on March 13th at the Goleta Public Library at 4pm, and the topic will be fresh raw milk (a whole different topic).  Weston Price was a dentist in the early 1900’s who studied hunter gatherer tribes all over the world and observed that although they ate plenty of meat and fat, none had any evidence of tooth decay, cavities or poor dental arches.  After his in-depth studies of their cultures (you can read about it in his awesome book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration) he then became an advocate for a natural human diet void of processed foods.

I couldn’t agree more, now go pick something and eat it!

Your Health Coach,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP