Are You Having Trouble losing weight? Have you tried eating MORE food?


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Can it be true…for YOU?

The law of addition is followed here at SB Family Chiropractic and Innate Fitness because it works.  That’s right, if you add the right types of foods to your current diet, you will lose weight.  How can that be you ask?  Simple, when you eat the right stuff even on top of the wrong stuff you tend to (over time) eat less of the wrong stuff and you start to eat more and more of the right stuff.

So is this like reverse psychology?

Not really, its just a fact that it is a lot easier (and less stressful) to get people to add good things into their life rather than getting them to remove the bad things (that they like).  Whether its diet drinks, doughnuts or pasta, I’d bet I could get you to eat a carrot or an apple before every meal, way faster than I could ever get you to give up the foods you love that are keeping you from your goals.  This is true for kids too, squats are easier to add than taking away TV or video games.  By adding, we are addressing deficiencies (nutrient, movement…etc), which can be just as stressful to our systems as toxicities (too much of the bad).  Plus, when you address nutrient deficiencies, your body will be better at letting go of weight.  And certain deficiencies can keep weight on, especially not getting enough healthy fats!  Ironic, huh?!

So how and what should I add to my diet?

Action Step for addition:

1.  Fresh Fiber First – before you eat anything at all, first eat something with some fresh soluble fiber (ie a fruit or a veggie).  It’s simple if you are going to have a doughnut, sandwich or any food, first eat an apple (carrot, cucumber…etc).  Done.  This ensures that you are getting nutrient-dense foods in regularly as well as (this is the tricky part) you get more full more quickly and eat less of the “bad” foods.  (pretty sneaky, huh ;-p)

2.  Start having a smoothie every day (at least 5 days/wk).

2 cups fresh spinach:

1 cup of almond milk or water

1 cup of frozen or fresh blue or mixed berries

1/2 banana

2 tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil.



Adding the healthy fat is KEY! This alone helped me to lose about 5 pounds of fat in a week and a 1/2 when I was in college, without changing anything else!  And the additions have just kept on ever since!

Eat More 4 Health,

Dr. Nick Araza DC CCWP CFL1

1 Min Hamstring Stretch to Banish Low Back Pain


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Don’t worry, she’s been at it a while, being limber takes time ;-p

This short vid adds to the post from last week to give you visual or auditory learners what you need to get your low back feeling lighter today!
Stretch 4 health,

-Dr. Nick Araza DC CCWP CFL1

Do You Have Back Pain and 3-5 min to Spare?


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3-5 min a day can help avoid this, lets find out how!

The 2 causes of YOUR back pain.

As with most joint or bio-mechanical issues, back pain is typically caused by either not enough movement in the form of a subluxation (damaged joint with scar tissue, restricted motion and alignment problems) or too much movement (usually a compensation for decreased movement elsewhere that will end up as a subluxation if bio-mechanics don’t change).

Chiropractors locate and correct subluxations (movement deficiencies at joints in the spine) through adjusting.  An adjustment is a small movement done quickly in a specific line of drive at a specific joint usually by hand to increase range of motion while relieving pain, stress and many of the symptoms associated with stress.  However, sometimes this adjusting isn’t enough; this is the case when muscles have been chronically shorted due to improper or repetitive use (hours sitting in chairs/driving/studying/computer use…ect).  If this is you, no matter how much adjusting or realigning of your spinal joints is done by your chiropractor, you will still have pain.  It will probably be less often and less frequent, but it will still nag and flare up on you until you restore proper length and strength to your muscular system.

A classic example of this is muscular interference in joint range of motion (ROM) is shortened hamstrings and Low or Mid Back Pain.  Believe it or not, you are supposed to be able to bend over and touch your toes (yes, bending your knee is cheating).  If you cannot perform this movement, it is simple, your hamstrings are too short.  However, if you can touch your toes, it’s not simple because this alone doesn’t tell us if you have the proper length to your hamstrings and that is because of the principles discussed above, not enough movement or having too much.  You see, there are two things required to toes your toes, flexible hamstrings and a flexible spine, but often your spine will become too flexible (hypermobile) as a result of shortened hamstrings.  This situation still allows you to touch your toes, but at the expense of your lower or mid-back.  Your body is comprised of many moveable parts like an assembly team, each required do their job, and when one member doesn’t, you result in overworking another team member.  If that happens frequently or for too long, the overworked  members get cranky.

Most people who can touch their toes do so from over extending (really flexing) their low and mid back, and creating problems now or down the road.  One of them being, your spinal adjustments won’t hold as well.  To correct this is simple, lengthen your hamstrings.  The easiest way to do this is like the picture below:

Easiest and Best Hamstring Lengthen-er


  1.  Assume good posture behind any standard office chair.
  2. While keeping your abs tight, and spine very straight, hinge and flex at the hips, sticking your but way out and placing most of your weight on your heels.
  3. Continue to lower yourself down at your hip joint, until you feel it in the back of your legs (hamstrings and calves), and place your hands lightly on the back of the chair.
  4. To find the right depth continue lowering until it becomes fairly unpleasant, but not permanent pain, meaning when you stand back up, you should not feel any pain (don’t tear stuff!!)
  5. You should feel no stretch and no pain in your lower/mid back, only in your legs. 
  6. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds, then take up slack (lower down additional 1-2inches, keeping spine straight)
  7. Hold for another 30 seconds and take up slack one more time, and you’re done!
  8. This should total 1 solid minute of stretching and be repeated 3-5x/day 5 days/wk.

This will DECREASE PAIN, change the way your spine moves, and help most all of you feel better.  While you should notice a slight difference immediatly afterward, THIS TAKES TIME to achieve permanently longer hamstrings.  For those of you who are getting adjusted, AWESOME! you will get even more out of it because you will be helping to hold your adjustments better and longer = less pain and better function!

3-5 min / day of hamstring lengthening is POWERFUL if you are CONSISTENT!

You can do it,

Lengthen for health,

-Dr. Nick Araza DC CCWP CFL1

Paleo in a Nutshell (which is paleo btw)


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What is the Paleo Diet?                                                                                                               

Paleo is short for the paleolithic era which can be translated into the words “old stone age/time period.” The Paleolithic era spans from when humans first started using stone tools roughly 2.6 million years ago and ended when humans began agriculture, roughly 10,000 years ago (Neolithic period).

Obviously, diet is a particular way of eating based on some under ridding theme or philosophy.

So, if you put them together, it is exactly what it sounds like eating in a similar manner to what our ancestors would have eaten tens of thousands of years ago, meaning a hunter-gatherer (HG) way of life, eating foods from the earth:  veggies, fruit, meat, nuts and seeds… no/very limited cereal grains, dairy and no processed/packaged foods.

Why would you want to eat in this manner?

The anthropological data on hunter-gatherer tribes that have been or are in existence, shows that these people are an amazing reference standard for human health, having hardly any or no signs of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, acne, eczema, strokes, Alzheimer’s, neurodegeneration,  and few to no cavities.  In addition, hunter-gatherers were/are very strong, lean and healthy despite their lack of modern medicine.  Research also shows that whenever HG tribes living in a “paleo” manner began eating a western (processed foods) diet, their rates of all of the above “diseases of civilization” skyrocketed!

So, no Bread? And what about Cheese, I love cheese?!

Sorry, No.  However, this diet is not about deprivation, it is best followed through addition.  We teach that it is much easier to follow and stick to a new diet if we first focus on adding the nutrient dense foods; veggies, fruit, meat, nuts and seeds, rather than taking away the foods people are addicted to and love (grains, sugar and dairy). Going without these foods can be shocking and stressful, but completely worth it, especially if done slowly and painlessly.  Remember our ancestors lived for millions of years just fine without them; in fact, they were quite healthier because of it.

Does Paleo taste good?

Yes, have you ever had a steak salad or veggies and BBQ’d salmon, how about an almond flour scone?  These are all examples of paleo foods, obviously they aren’t from the paleo time period, but they bear a close resemblance and have a huge nutrient density profile when compared to pasta, bread or beans.  There are literally dozens of blogs with amazing paleo recipes and more than a few awesome cookbooks out there.

Grandma was right!

You are what you eat, and your body is made out of what you eat, so building it with the best quality foods and has a profound effect on the way you look and feel.  Plus, it is very satiating and tastes great while curbing cravings and improving your energy.

For more information please attend the workshop this Wednesday August 8th @ 630pm here at SB Family Chiropractic and Innate Fitness.  Email to reserve your spot.

The Paleo Diet Comes to Santa Barbara!!


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Paleo AKA Cavewoman Diet:  It was tougher back then…at least to get food.

We have an upcoming Paleo Diet workshop next Wednesday the 8th here at SBFC @ 630 and we are fired up!  Really because we get to share our way of life and the science that goes into living and eating in a way that is VERY congruent with YOUR genes and YOUR jeans.  This diet closely follows our heritage as humans and we will be helping you understand why the foods you may be eating are keeping you from your GOALS.  Get ready for your ancestors (older than grandma) to help you to the health and fitness you’ve been searching for.  This diet is NOT about deprivation and will power, it is about understanding and listening to your body as well as making a few smarter choices, and the pay off is HUGE!!  This is a way of life because who wants to only see their abs or fit into their jeans for a month, how about the rest of your life!!  So next Wednesday we’ll help you understand how this will be different than other diets as well as make it easier to follow.  Hope to see you there (its free, but please email to reserve a spot)…. Below are a few tips to get you thinking and help you ease into the process.

  1. ADD don’t Take Away
    • People often associate change with terrible loss, and that doesn’t have to be the case.  1st thing 1st let’s focus on being Sufficient in getting enough  Pure foods and not focus on what bad stuff is in your diet.  You can’t get to a positive by running from a negative, must go toward posive!  (won’t ever be rich by trying not to be poor)
  1. Fresh Fiber First
    • Eat a Fruit or a Veggie before every meal, this ensures that you will get the nutrients your innate genetics need to produce health and homeostasis in your body!  Plus it will take some of the room in your stomach, so hopefully you won’t be able to fit as much of the bad stuff in ;-p.
  1. Always Shop Full
    • The battle is won or lost at the point of purchase.
    • It is much easier to make logical decisions about what to purchase at the grocery store when we are stuffed.  (not the best, but this is so important that you should be full even if you have to stuff yourself with less healthful food in order to get full before shopping.  One bad meal sacrifice is better than repeat bad meals because you were in a crazed low blood-sugar state when shopping).  We all know that if it makes its way into the basket, it is getting eaten.
  1. Stay on the Periphery of the Store
    • That is where the live and healthy foods reside.
  1. Real Food Goes Bad, if it doesn’t go Bad, it isn’t good for you
    • The more nutrients and health in a food, the more organisms want it.  If bacteria doesn’t want your food, chances are, it isn’t food, and you should toss it.
    • Store food has been created to be stored, not to give you health, so try and avoid foods with labels or packaging.

      These foods will go bad, and that is good!

  1. Understand the Ingredients
    • Real food has real natural ingredients like blueberries and almonds.  Fake food has natural flavorings to trick us and chemicals to preserve them like monosodiumdiaoxylglutamicfuranicmethylwhattheheck??? And natural flavorings (what the heck is natural flavorings??)
  1. Keep the Ingredients List to 5 or Less
    • The more ingredients, the more man/woman has messed with the food, and therefore, the less likely it is a real food.

      Ingredients: Apple

  1. If it has a Health Claim, it Probably is NOT Healthy
    • Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food explains that the loudest foods in the store (cereal boxes, dairy and juices) are often the most toxic, and the quietest foods in the store (fruits and veggies) are often the healthiest.

9.  Evaluate Food on how you will feel AFTER you eat it, not before

  • It is absurd when you think about the 23 hours 57 minutes of pain, suffering and guilt you get when eating a donut/bigmac/pizza…etc for the 3 min of joy you get while eating it.
  • Think about what you would want to eat post work out, i.e. would you rather a big mac or a smoothie after jog?

10.  There are NO Failures ONLY Feedback

  • Do not waste time or stress hormones on feeling guilty, look at what you eat in terms of choices with a goal of becoming healthier.  This is not a diet, it is a way of life.

I hope this helps and best of luck to all of you.  Know that we are in your corner; your success is our success.  Please keep us informed of your successes and ask for help if you are struggling &/or need direction.  Remember we are a team, and we are proud and grateful to be your health coaches.

Eat Smart 4 Health,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP

Just Do It!


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After 3 whole years of living the Paleo/Crossfit lifestyle, I have FINALLY started reading “The Paleo Solution”….SHAME! SHAME!! I know…I know…at least I’m reading it NOW!

While I was scanning the book and flipping to the implementation chapter (I’m just not one for much “science”, haha)…I started wondering where in the book I could find information for:

-helping family members get started

-convincing them I’m not crazy….and to just try it for themselves for ONE month (I know you don’t think I’m crazy, but there has to be a littttttle bit of “that chick is whack” in your mind, or else I wouldn’t be writing this post :) )

-helping people understand that this is a lifestyle, and it may take some time (it’s not a shake that comes in all kinds of flavors and promises to make you lose 40 pounds in a month)

-Convincing family who live in places like, ohhh…Caribou, Maine…that regardless of produce selection, there ARE ways to go about this lifestyle.

Now mom, dad and Justin…this is NOT a pick-on-you sort of thing…at all! I GET that there is not as much of a selection up in the ‘Bou…I know this because when Nick and I go to visit, we stop in Portland, ME at the nearest Whole Foods for groceries…

…folks, Portland is 6 hours away…

I just want to be able to answer these kind of questions for ANYONE who may be feeling these things…especially for my family, because I want you to live a LONGGGGGG, happy life. Mom, maybe this will speak more to YOUR values…I want you to play for a LONGGG time with your future grand kids who are not in existence right now, but I KNOWWWW you’re really excited for… soon!!…from Justin :) )

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and contact the source!! I emailed Robb Wolf, and since Robb is a super busy guy, I got an email from his assistant, Chris. Here are some of the resources he provided me:

~ This is an AWESOME site called, in which you can plug in your town and there will be a list of local produce/meat/dairy farmers and providers in your neck of the woods for you to contact! Just for shits and giggles, I plugged in “Caribou, ME”: here is what I found (MOM!) :) :

Go ahead and try it with your OWN town! (Mom, just click on that link :) )

~Can’t find anything near you on the site? You’re in luck! They have a “store” where you can buy things that may not be local for you:

Now, is this going to be more expensive than shopping at the local grocery store? OF COURSE IT WILL! I need you to look yourself in the mirror right now and ask yourself this question, however:

“Am I willing to pay for my health now? or pay for my sickness later?”

Don’t be a procrastinator.

~Another option for healthy meat would be Pick out the meat, and they will mail it directly to your door!

~Of course there is always the option of the grocery store, and picking out the best that you can. Look for grass-fed, organic meats, and pasture-raised (or free-range) poultry. As far as eggs go, look for pasture-raised (or again, free-free, or cage-free) and organic eggs…always best, however, from a farmer so you can grill them on how they raise their chickens. Maybe I will do a follow up on what specific things to ask a farmer when looking for healthy meats and eggs…hmmm.

Finally, Chris mentioned that Robb’s Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide is super helpful, so if you want to buy that, you can do that right here:

Finally, I often hear, “I just can’t eat that way…I just don’t know what to eat!”

Here’s a question for you, have you ever had bacon and eggs for breakfast? yes? How about a salad for lunch…? yeahhh? Okay, how about a steak and some veggies for dinner? YEAH?! Well, congratulations, you are bonified Paleo eater! Now…we just need to work on stringing them together!

Here are some other awesome resources to get you started: (my sister from another mother’s blog…she’s a DAMN good chef!)

Now guys, if you feel that this blog is talking right to you…it’s probably because it is…Take it this way, it means I super love you and want all of you to be as healthy as possible (this does not JUST include my family ps:). Since I’ve started this lifestyle I have gained an amount of health I didn’t even know was possible…so OF COURSE I want that for you as well!

If you live in the Santa Barbara area, and you just don’t have a flippin’ clue what I’m talking about with this Paleo Diet thing…you either,

a) have never read my blog before, or…

b) just still don’t know how to implement it.

If your answer was B, Nick and I are having a Paleo Diet workshop here at the office on August 8th at 6:30pm. We will talk about the what, the how and all the science and tips in between. Check us out August 8th at 6:30 at Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic (360 S. Hope Ave C100 in SB).

Feel free to shoot me an email ( if you have any questions that you don’t want everyone else to read!

With love and health,


created by The Beautifully Strong Project

The Food Guide Pyramid of Chronic Disease


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Food Guide Pyramid = Guide to MEDIOCRITY & CHRONIC DISEASE

Wait, wait – what??  How can the pyramid we’ve all grown up with and trusted our own and our children’s nutrition with be leading us astray – away from health and toward disease?

It’s simple: OPTIMAL, 100% HEALTH WAS NEVER THE PYRAMID’S GOAL.  Let me break it down for you:

Below is a simple scale of health with the top being Wellness or 100% Health and the bottom being Death or 0% Health.

100% Health = OPTIMAL HEALTH = Wellness





50% Health = Symptom Free = Not Well!

40% ———————————————

30% Health = Express Symptoms = Sick



0% Health = Dead

Got it?  Good, but what does this have to do with the Pyramid?

EVERYTHING.  You see, the Pyramid was designed for one thing: to keep us from experiencing symptoms.   It wasn’t designed to keep us functioning optimally and experiencing 100% health!  You see the Red Line?  That = 40% Health.  Let’s say that this is the percentage of health where we as humans start exhibiting symptoms.  Well, the government’s cute little pyramid was designed to keep us above that line, but  as you can see from the above scale of health, simply being above that line does not mean that we are even close to optimal health!

Let’s go deeper – these guidelines are based on RDA’s (Recommended Daily Allowances) of specific nutrients.  It’s a pretty bold assumption for us to believe we have figured out EVERYTHING (vitamin, mineral, phytochemical and the next other nutrient that we haven’t figured out yet) that a whole food produced by Mother Nature contains – there’s just no way we can make that claim.   Then the RDA’s are levels of only the specific nutrients that have been determined to keep 95%+ of the population symptom-free.

Here’s the catch: this was never established with a gold standard for health in mind.  As I said before, the goal of the pyramid is to keep us from getting symptoms, not to make us truly well people.

Questions for you:

If you wanted to be the best golfer in the world, who would you study?

If you wanted to be the richest person in the world, who would you make your role model?


If you want to be a healthy person in this world, wouldn’t you want to study/model yourself after a group of people who are the healthiest ever to have lived?

Is your answer “yes?”  Then tell me now:  who are the healthiest people ever to have walked this planet?  “Who?” you say?

I’m soooooo glad you asked:


Humans living in tribes that eat solely what they hunt and gather, move like wild human animals, and work together in positive, loving, encouraging and compassionate environments live long lives free of any chronic (lifestyle) diseases.  That’s right, they have no diabetes, no Crohn’s, no cancer, no high blood pressure, no high cholesterol, no strokes, no heart disease, no Irritable Bowel Syndrome, no heart attacks, or any of the other host of diseases responsible for killing 75% of Americans!

Let’s look at the nutrient densities of what typical HG’s eat compared to the average American:

Eaton, Eaton & Konner.  Plaeolithic nutrtion revisited: a twelve year retrospective on its nature and implications.  Eur J. of Clin Nutr. 1997: 51;207-216.

Estimated daily Paleolithic intake of selected nutrients compared to RDA and Current U.S. Intake:

Vit/Min (mg/d)     Paleo Intake      RDA            Current US

Vit A                                   17.2                      4.8-6              7.02-8.48

Vit E                                    32.8                   8-10                  7-10

Vit C                                    604                    60                      77-109

Iron                                    87.4                   10-15               10-11

Zinc                                    43.4                   12-15               10-15

Calcium                            1956                800-1200         750

Sodium                             768                  500-2400         4000

Potassium                      10,500              3500                 2500

Fiber g/d                          104                    20-30              10-20

Energy (k/cal/d)         3000               2200-2900    1750-2500

Pretty sizeable difference, wouldn’t you say?!

Shockingly, two of the Food Groups (Dairy and Grains) on the 5-Group Pyramid were rarely consumed (if at all) by our HG ancestors.  The fact that Dairy and Grains play so prominent a role in the Pyramid is the result of much political lobbying, not scientific research.

I know it is difficult to live as a HG in our current social model; however, when we have them as a gold standard for 100% Health and Wellness, at least now we can start mimicking as much of their lifestyle as possible.


1.  Eating natural foods from Mother Nature (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and healthy meats) and not that processed stuff that our government subsidizes, making a Pop Tart cheaper than a head of broccoli and encouraging our citizens to become sicker and sicker.

2.  Moving, sweating and panting on a regular basis (Crossfit), and not just walking the recommended 30 min a day.  Our HG ancestors burned the equivalent energy of walking ~9 miles each day.  If that’s optimal, 30 min is better than nothing, but we’re delusional if we think that is all we need.

3. Positive, loving, caring environments with lots of encouragement, recognition and positive self talk (affirmations and goal setting don’t hurt either).

Back to the Food Pyramid – here is the best Food Guide Symbol Design I have found in my research.  Print it out and put on the fridge, the cupboard, the pantry, and anywhere else you need help making choices that will lead you toward optimal health.

Best guide I’ve found if you like shapes to guide your lifestyle choices!

Most of all, please remember wellness is a journey, not a destination –  just do a little better tomorrow than you did today.  Guilt has no place in this wellness lifestyle; there are no failures – only feedback.  Each food choice is a new way to bathe your cells in life-giving nutrients.Progression, not perfection” are words to live by.  Wellness eating is more expensive than consuming processed food, but not as expensive as chemotherapy – and it feels waaaay better!  So, keep at it, stay positive, and ask for help if you need it, because your wife, husband, kids, grandkids, friends, work, and society need you.  And there is NO
other way to get healthy.

For more information on this topic attend our Free Paleo Nutrition Workshop on Aug 8th @ 630 pm here at 360 S hope Ave Suite C 100, SB CA 93105.  Call or email to reserve your spot 805-682-4620


Eat Nutritiously 4 Health,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP

Shocking Vitamin D Facts, Are You Getting Enough?

Free D in the Palm of Your Hand

More ammo for those of you who love the sun! Here is some info on my favorite vitamin and its wonderful origin.

16 SHOCKING Vitamin D Facts


     2.  76% of pregnant mothers
are severely vitamin D deficient, causing widespread Vit D deficiencies in their unborn children.

     3.  81% of children born to Vit D deficient mothers are deficient themselves.


     5.  Vitamin D is produced by your skin in response to exposure to UV radiation from natural sunlight.

     6.  Vitamin D-producing rays cannot penetrate windows/glass, clouds, nor sunscreen.

     7.  Even weak sunscreens (with an SPF of block your body’s ability to produce Vit D by 95%!!  Sunscreens cause disease by blocking the production of this ESSENTIAL VITAMIN.

     8.  On top of that, many sunscreens contain toxic chemicals – click to find out healthy sunscreens

     9.  It is nearly impossible to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D from your diet without supplementation – sunlight is the only reliable way to get enough Vitamin D.

    10.  Vitamin D production is based on:

  • Distance from Equator:  Closer = More D
  • Pigmentation of Skin: Lighter = More D    
  • Time of Year:  Summer Months = More D         
  • Time of Day:  Peak (10-2pm) = More D
  • Cloud Cover:  More Clouds = Less D

    11. People with dark skin need upwards of 20-30 times more exposure to create similar amounts of Vit D.  That is one reason that prostate cancer is epidemic among black men.

     12.  The recommendation for sun exposure is 10-30 minutes (enough to turn slightly pink without burning) in peak sun hours 2-3 times each week (if light-skinned, that will equal 10,000-20,000 IU’s of Vitamin D!!) If you can’t do that, or if it’s winter above the 37th parallel, then supplement with 2-5,000 IU/day (and more if you are overweight).


    14.  Toxic amounts from supplementation are usually around 30,000 IU daily for an extended period of time (weeks).

    15.  Sufficient levels of Vitamin D are required to absorb calcium from your digestive track (sufficient = 30% absorption; deficient = 15% absorption).  Without the correct amounts of Vitamin D, much of calcium supplementation is wasted and just passes through the body.

    16.  Vitamin D is one of the most powerfully healing vitamins/hormones in your body, and your body makes it absolutely free as long as you play in the SUN!

Compiled facts about Vitamin D obtained from “The Sunshine Vitamin” on Natural News (, a fantastic website that hand-selects awesome articles about Health/Wellness Victories and Sickness Monstrosities not widely publicized.  Check it out!

Get Sunshine 4 Health,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP

Taking personal responsibility…


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I have been asked on numerous accounts why I am doing the candida diet. The number one (and probably ONLY reason) I started the candida diet is because (I’m going to get REALLY honest with you right now…) I have had digestive issues since college…

My senior year of college, shit hit the fan in my life (family, school, relationship,friendships, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, etc, etc…you know, the normal stuff!) and my poor body could only handle the stress I was going through by deciding to seize all function of my digestive system. I was in and out of specialists for a year (my lowest low was having an “examination” (digestive system…take a gander at where that exam was taken…) by a 70 year old man…lowwww low). I was drugged up, knocked out, and had the pleasure (*puke*) of experiencing my first ever colonoscopy at the ripe age of 22. The final diagnosis was IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). What’s a girl to do with that information??! I was terrified to eat ANYTHING; I was constantly full of fear. It got to a bad point where I was only eating about 500 calories a day (not on purpose…just because everything was making me sick!). That 500 calories usually came in the form of a Smart One (the broccoli and cheddar potatoes :-p).

I was CONSTANTLY on the lookout for some MAGIC PILL that would get rid of my digestive issues.

*In walks Nicholas Araza*

Through Nick I learned all about the Paleo diet, and it completely changed my world. I started exercising…uh duh, I think we know how that affected my world. I started getting adjusted. All three of these things have COMPLETELY changed my world for the better…including my digestive issues. I no longer FEAR eating (I am actually quite OBSESSED with it, thank you!) and I haven’t had an “episode” in a couple years. Phew! :)

So why the candida diet… well…while my guts are much happier, they are not 100% better. I have messed up my guts for the majority of my life…and while changing my diet, exercising and getting adjusted has stopped it from getting worse I’m sure…I have lost a LOT of integrity of my gut lining. In laymen’s terms: my guts are screwed. Presently :-p I was hoping that the candida diet would clean up the last of those bad bugs because since adding exercise to my life, my bad guts have posed a WHOLE other kind of problem…

If I, or anyone, is unable to keep their abs tight while doing Crossfit…you are essentially efffffffffffffed. There is WEIGHT you’re lifting, weird positions you’re getting into, high repetition of exercises, BURPEES, full extension of exercises…etc, etc. If you are unable to protect your spine during these exercises, you are GOING to get hurt…period. WELL…unfortunately, when you have inflamed guts due to something you ate, or bad bugs that are taking over your guts…you cannot properly protect your spine, and you get yourself in the predicament I have been putting myself in for the last year and a half…which is constantly hurting myself, over and over again.

back pain

Here’s where some venting comes in: people constantly ASSUME that since I am married to a chiropractor I don’t EVER have back pain, that I have a BEAUTIFUL spine, and la da da…well, not exactly. I met Nick in 2009, and I was diagnosed with a Phase 1 subluxation…borderline phase 2. My spine was as straight as a rod…and I have a congenital scoliosis in my mid-back. Not the “ideal chiropractor’s wife spine”…sorry to disappoint. We have made AMAZING changes so far (I literally started crying when I saw my most recent progress x-rays, I was so happy)…but as magical as my husband (or ANY chiropractor for that matter) is…he’s not a magician…and in order for him to do his job the best he can, I NEED to stop hurting myself!!!! Which in short means (because after many, many discussions, we both believe is mainly related to my irritated guts)…I need to stop messing up my guts, and I need to KEEP working on PERFECTING my form in the gym (and in life for that matter!).

I started the candida diet on June 25th, and then decided to have some homemade coconut ice cream this past Saturday (that would be TOTALLY okay if I were not doing the candida) that was topped with homemade whipped cream (this would NOT be okay even if I WASN’T doing the candida) and let me tell you…that whipped cream EFFED me. I have been feeling it since Saturday. Yesterday was a workout with burpees and pull-ups (my two biggest offenders)…so last night I was laying in bed, complaining and whimpering because my back was in so much pain. I’m frustrated. I feel like I should be stronger, I feel like I should be able to go faster, I feel like I should be able to do MORE reps; it’s hard to do that when you start progressing, then jack yourself, you know?

Let me tell you THIS much…I am SO grateful that I AM married to a chiropractor…I can’t imagine doing this, and learning this journey without my sweet, sweet husband to clean up after me. Tip, however: do not use your chiropractor as a custodian for your injuries and then wonder why you’re not getting the results you want. Clean up your own messes, prevent messes, and do what your chiropractor says! :)

Anyway, the point of this post was a vent, mostly. I needed to be honest and “out” myself…I DON’T, yet, have a perfect spine…I don’t, yet, do the movements perfectly…and I still hurt myself…kind of often :-\ I, too, am working on my health everyday. I, too, am on this journey with you.

With love,